Poor compliance with electronic communication regulations by the SEC and NASD recently cost 5 Wall St Firms $1.65 million each.
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SupraSphere is based upon extensive academic studies that investigated how IM can best be used in the corporate setting to improve productivity.
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SupraSphere is a research platform and secure enterprise social networking application. It integrates web browsing, email, persistent threaded instant messaging, mailing list management, contact management, workflow, and shared bookmarking all in a single interface.

Here is just a partial list of what you can do with SupraSphere:

-Browse the web
-Create outgoing mailing lists and shared inboxes for incoming mailing lists
-Hold real-time threaded conversations with groups of people, all archived and searchable
-Contextually highlight and comment on any web page, email, or message posting
-Receive instant confirm-receipt of all messages through a color change in the interface
-Tag items for fast and easy retrieval
-Store files and documents, and search inside all file contents including MS Office documents and PDF files
-Create a custom search engine based on links stored in the system
-Read and manage RSS feeds
-Correlate concepts to track investments, fundamental research, and projects
-Easily search across the entire archive of all content stored in the system
-Apply real-time workflow to any collaboration group
-Create real-time polls
-Run multiple copies on different computers at the same time for secure remote access and a consistent view of your important information
-Use Linux, Windows, and Macintosh platforms to run SupraSphere

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