David Thomson

David has fifteen years of experience in the computer industry. He has held various development, sales, and management positions at the Shiva Corporation, Inergy Online, Open Market, and Cisco, and currently consults to numerous investment management companies. He has a BA from Tufts University in History, with a concentration on the interplay between ethnicity, nationalism, and religion in the Middle Eastern region. He has also studied computer science at Harvard University, Arabic at the Lebanese American University, and media convergence and multiculturalism at Tufts. He climbed Mt. Washington in 1:19:18 on his bike.

Val Pishva

Val has more than ten years of experience in software product development, specializing in product design, requirements gathering, and usability engineering. He began his career with Lotus, where he co-designed the first integrated word processor incorporating voice recognition technology. At AT&T, he managed the development and expansion of TEMPEST, an online internal database designed to streamline the communication and documentation process between thousands of personnel in numerous departments. In 2000, he was part of iCompass, a team that reached the semi-finals at MIT's 50K entrepreneurship competition and subsequently worked to design iCompass' "infomediary" software service. Most recently, he received his MBA with distinction from Babson College, where he was part of the Marketing in Technologically Intensive Enterprises (MTIE) track and led the entrepreneurial finance club in hosting the National Venture Capital Investment Competition for two consecutive years. He also interned at the MIT Media Lab, where he worked on constructing a viable path from research to technology to sustainable market products for technologies in the field of Human Computer Interaction (HCI). He received his BS from Tufts University in Engineering Psychology and Cognitive Science, and is currently an associate at both Tufts Center for Cognitive Studies and the Brain and Behavioral Sciences journal.

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